Lesson Plans In English


Today, communication is the key to the success of any company, both large and small. With the advent of globalization, entrepreneurs should master their communication skills both verbally and in writing. To gain a competitive advantage in the market and control over it, their English business should be excellent. This explains the high growth in demand for lessons. Therefore, teachers should ensure that they write business plans for English language lessons that are relevant and effective in order to meet insurgent demand.

Business English consists of the same basic principle as general English. However, the business English context, i.e. examples, topics and vocabulary are modified in order to adapt them to students’ needs. Lessons are designed so that students can immediately implement what they are learning into their daily business activities. Therefore, teachers should ensure that they write business English lesson plans that will enable their students to adapt to rapid response to effectively meet all the needs of their clients. In addition, lessons should help them to adopt a flexible business approach in order to deliver high quality services and products to the market.

However, some experienced teachers usually oppose the idea of writing a business plan for English lessons. They are of the opinion that writing business plans for English language lessons is not realistic. According to them, lesson plans emanate a rigid structure that is not beneficial to the corporate world. In fact, they believe that flexibility should be a key principle in a constantly changing business environment. Well, I don’t agree, but I read and see why I still emphasize the importance of teachers writing English business lesson plans.

Any experienced teacher should be able to reconcile routine and flexibility in his or her teaching style. Establishing a balance between routine and flexibility allows teachers to effectively pass on their points to students. Business English requires a comprehensive study of the business environment. Lessons therefore include oral presentations, speeches, study tours and close reading. This means that in order for lessons to be perfectly presented, a structure is required to ensure that they are perfectly presented. Teachers should therefore develop timetables to reduce uncertainty, randomness, indecision and unpredictability in the classroom.

Writing a business English business plan also ensures that the semester is well planned, meaning that it is challenging, realistic and relevant to each student’s skill level. In addition, the provision of lesson plans adequately prepares students. For example, if they need to raise funds, such as travel costs, they will be able to do so in front of their hands. They will also be able to effectively plan their time to create a balance between daily activities and learning.

Most of the students taking up lessons are corporate clients running their own business or planning to start a similar business in the future. Therefore, tutors should not assume the importance of writing business plans for English lessons, but should begin to practice the formulation of relevant, interesting and high quality lessons like b1 english test. Remember that it is quite satisfying and motivating to see students taking advantage of the lessons presented to them.

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