Choosing The Right Internship

Are you looking for an internship in business administration and still undecided where you want to go? Understandable with all the possibilities and options! But don’t worry! Our overview with subsequent personality test will show you which industry you fit into!

Job opportunities

The economic sector is diverse and becoming increasingly complex. In order to find the right place for you, it is important that you inform yourself thoroughly about your possibilities and try out yourself in different companies – for yourself and your curriculum vitae.

After or during your theoretical business administration studies, it is advisable for everyone to gain practical experience first in order to be able to get off to a full start and create rosy prospects for their own career path. This is particularly suitable for working student jobs and internships in business studies.

Why an internship?

Why do an internship at all, if it would also be possible to start directly with a permanent position in the professional world?

Well, internships have some important advantages and are often assumed nowadays. Here we have listed the most important advantages for you:

1. you get to know your strengths and weaknesses
2. you can make important contacts
3. you can try yourself and combine theory and practice
4. you may make mistakes, because an internship is first and foremost for learning purposes
5. very good for resume
6. you can sniff into different areas
7. you can test which tasks suit you and which don't 
8. good internship certificates can help with future applications
9. you are often offered a permanent position after successfully completing an internship

Especially in the field of business administration, there is a lot of competition from business administration applicants and neighbouring study courses, and internships are important plus points when looking for a job. The studies are broadly diversified and it is important to specialize in what internships offer the perfect starting point.

During the semester break it is also a good idea to do a student internship in order to gain practical experience during your studies.

Ideally, you will receive an internship certificate, which may open doors to your future career.

Marketing & Sales

From public relations, online marketing, content marketing, event marketing to market research or promotion jobs, the areas of responsibility are diverse. Creating communication strategies or writing press releases are typical tasks of a PR manager and thus very different from tasks in event marketing, for example.

That’s why it’s also very useful if you gain practical experience so that you can then decide what suits you best.

Generally speaking, it’s about methodical and strategic product developments and approaches as well as the company’s external image. The aim is to build competitive advantages over the competition and to present products or services in the best possible way.

The action should always be aligned to the needs of the target group and changes in the market should be considered.

In the marketing specialization of business studies students, economic knowledge should be combined with communication science skills.


In the logistics industry, you have a lot of career opportunities ahead of you. The industry has been booming and growing strongly for some years now, which is why there are of course more and more vacancies for interns and the subsequent job entry.

In the field of logistics, for example, you can work with IT specialists to plan a product from its creation right through to the consumer. Organisational talent as well as the control and optimisation of flows of people, information and money are in demand here.

Good logistics leads to essential competitive advantages and has developed into a very important area in today’s companies.

Requirements include international experience, fluency in English and very good communication skills.

So: The tasks in this industry have become very complex and demanding and optimally trained specialists are needed.

Personnel management

In this area of business administration you can do an internship at a personnel service provider or in the personnel department of a company. Generally speaking, the term Personnel Management is divided into Personnel Management and Personnel Administration, each of which contains a number of sub-items.

For example, your task can be to link company goals with the motivation, goals, and wishes of the employees. Activities that are related to personnel in the enterprise must be coordinated and managed. You may also be responsible for employee motivation or accounting.

In addition to theoretical know-how, some soft skills are required. For example, very good communication skills or a high degree of sensitivity and tact are of great importance in most jobs in personnel management.
Often personnel managers are also responsible for examining applicants and subsequently deploying new employees in a targeted manner in the company.

It is best if you gain as much practical experience as possible in this industry. Internships in different companies are also welcome, as the respective processes and structures can be very different.

Corporate Management, Controlling & Accounting

Sustainable entrepreneurial success can only function if defined objectives, the development of new financing options and appropriate investment decisions are taken into account.

This requires a great deal of attention to detail and an eye for the big picture. Operational and strategic decisions must be made and planned and controlled.

While corporate management is concerned with management as its main area, controlling can be seen as support for management. It deals with information that is to be passed on to and supported by management. Predictions are also made here and the past is analysed and evaluated.
In these wide fields of business administration the competition is great, as they are very popular with business administration students. However, there are also many possible applications: For example, you can work in production, trade and service companies as well as in public administrations or health care institutions.

Tourism, hotel and event

Internships in these areas are very varied. Whether airline, travel agency or event agency, there are many possibilities. In these industries, soft skills such as communication skills and the ability to work in a team are particularly in demand in addition to specialist knowledge. Foreign language skills and perseverance also play an important role.

You may have to work on public holidays or weekends. Just when other people are free. You should be flexible regarding working hours, often there are no fixed working hours or places.

The salary is strongly dependent on your previous practical experience. Most employers know that theoretical knowledge in these jobs is only a part of the skills you need to learn. Therefore, internships in the tourism and event industry are highly regarded.

An internship abroad makes a lot of sense in these industries, since language and cultural skills are a big plus and adapting to completely new environments and mentalities is also an important experience.