The most beautiful beaches in the Philippines


Our subjective ranking of beaches includes evaluations of the places as a whole: beauty, reading water, blue water, well-groomed and natural surroundings, the care of local entrepreneurs.

1. Daku Island, Siargao, Surigao del Norte

The TOP 1 of our list is occupied by the island of Daku, located in the Pacific Ocean, next to Siargao Island. It is amazing that the island is located directly on the Philippine Trench (10,830 m deep). Local fishermen hold annual deep-sea hunting competitions there. The frequent earthquakes and the accompanying tsunami alarms are not uncommon in this area.

Siargao is known for it’s excellent, some of the best year-round surfing conditions in the world. On the island, you can most often meet surfers from Australia and New Zealand.

Daku itself is a tiny island most to the east, which you just have to visit. Amazing color of the sea, absolute lack of tourists and the presence of only local kids absolutely NEVER!

2. El Nido Islands, Secret Lagoon Beach, Papaya Beach

You could write a lot about El Nido. The scattered rocky islets create a beautiful landscape, and the color of the water and its transparency make you jump out at every stop. You can’t say that this is a “deserted” place. Sometimes it’s hard to find a moment just for yourself. Many motor boats disturb not only the peace and quiet but also the natural environment. Although it is a nature reserve, tourism is slowly beginning to destroy the area and anesthetize the locals to take care of it. Still, staying at El Nido you have the impression that this is only the beginning of the development of this place.

3. Virgin Island, Bohol

Living on Bohol, we often laughed at the Philippines that the Virgin Island (virgin) has had nothing to do with its name for a long time. Nevertheless, the tiny island, a few meters high, to which you can go from the sea by a natural sand path, is still beautiful. Especially in the dry season, this place makes an incredible impression.

The most beautiful are the shallow waters, which form paths between other hills. The island is private, so the rich owner put in the middle a huge sculpture of Father Pio. Coming to the island you should have a look at what marine vendors offer – you can find there beautiful natural cultured pearls and corals at very good prices. If you come to the island at the right time, Virgin Island will be remembered for a long time.

4. Camiguin

Camiguin is the most volcanic island in the world. Seven volcanoes one by one. The beaches are also very volcanic. On one side of the island you can find incredible black sand and underwater, sunken after the eruption of the Old Volcano cemetery, and on the other side, there is a beautiful beach with a water sanctuary.

This is one of the undiscovered places, fully run by local Filipinos who VERY care about the sustainable development of their place. The island of 1 kilometre in diameter offers a real Philippine life – in the morning you can go fishing with a fisherman to watch the jumping dolphins, during the day nothing will attract you like a hammock on the seashore, and in the evening immerse yourself in the water again to look for the whale sharks copulating in this area.

6. Boracay

In my opinion, Boracay has nothing to do with paradise, except for the heavenly color of the water. If I were to imagine paradise, it would certainly not look like this island, endowed with such beautiful gifts of nature, which have been so poorly used by man. Thousands of people, very high prices, hotels, resorts, hundreds of swindlers and sellers who think you are Russian and speak this language to you… A nightmare in paradise.

7. Panglao, Bohol

Alona Beach, Amarela Beach, Dumaluan Beach, Sunset Beach… These are just some of the beautiful beaches that Panglao offers. I can’t say that they’re really special, but it’s worth going for them with snorkeling equipment because the underwater world is what you need to see here. Panglao is a very well developed touristically, you can find there really great resorts and attractions.


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