Rocket League, Creator’s Guide


With the success of Rocket League so soon after its release, Dave Hagewood, founder of Psyonix, decided to give players 7 tips to improve and refine his way of playing, all through an interview for GameInformer. We suggest you discover these few tips so that you too can enjoy them.

Hold your positions

Like young football players, if you are new to Rocket League, you tend to want to hit the ball at all costs. This often results in embarrassment between teammates, and ultimately in doing nothing or even giving opponents an opportunity to score a goal.

Dave Hagewood advises players to assign themselves roles, so that everyone can coordinate their movements as well as possible. At engagement, for example, it is not necessary for all the players on the team to run straight at the ball: it is better for one or more to get the speed boost nearby and leave only one other to do the recovery or delay in the center. In the same way, try to play as much as possible on the whole field, each player having a game or wing (left or right), to centre and score more easily, for example, by cheating the opponent.

Do not try to control aerial play from the beginning

Indeed, the jump system allows many game mechanics and allows to surprise the opponent. Nevertheless, this technique is double-edged, since if you miss the ball during a jump, you will remain in the air for a few moments, reducing the operational strength of your team. This way you can easily lose a ball and let your opponents score.

So if some of your teammates are more experienced, leave this work to them and try to block the other opponents on the ground instead. For example, you can push an opponent who is trying to appropriate the ball, reposition yourself or get a speed boost. Dave Hagewood says that despite the fact that he has been playing the game for a long time, his main flaw is that he is too greedy about these jumps. Click on this link for tips on troubleshooting rocket league.

Try to shoot at a certain angle

Controlling the shot is an essential point to score, but it is also necessary to be able to shoot under certain constraints. As Dave Hagewood explains, the space to score between the enemy and the goal is not perfectly straight. Therefore, you have to try to shoot as much as possible at the sides of the ball to give it an effect and surprise the opponent: he will probably not expect this kind of thing, since it is very difficult to anticipate.

Play intelligently with both cameras

The two camera systems, namely balloon-centred and free, make it possible to manage the positioning on the ground as efficiently as possible. Playing with these two systems and juggling between them during the games is one of the best ways to make yourself useful and available on the map at the best times. Using the free camera to spot your opponents and then switching back to automatic camera to better hit the ball allows better control and safety on your shots.

Select the opponents to be destroyed

Rocket League includes a destruction system: if you use the boost and hit an opponent, they will be out of play for a few seconds. Dave Hagewood advises to identify the most dangerous opponent and to try to put him out of play as many times as possible, in order to avoid any disaster. This technique also refers to the first point to be addressed. Indeed, if you play with several players, it would be possible to assign to one of the players the role of destroyer, thus putting an opponent out of play while leaving the possibility for the player of your team to recover the balls. This is a very common technique among top-level players.

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