Men’s and women’s clothing for business occasions


If you are invited to an event, it is a good idea to follow the guide to formalwear. In this way you will not appear over- or underdressed. It is also a sign of respect to observe the dress code. If the dress code is formal, the big wardrobe is on the agenda. But be careful, here too everything should comply with the specifications. Fortunately, these are precisely defined. The following tips and inspirations will prepare you for the big gala.

The dress code as a helpful guide for high-class events

Anyone who has never dealt with the subject before will quickly shy away if a certain dress code is requested at an event. The unfamiliar are afraid of regulations which they will not be able to comply with.

However, from an objective point of view, the etiquette for the appropriate choice of clothes is to be understood as a set of guiding rules. The generally applicable guidelines help you to choose an adequate wardrobe for the desired occasion. On the one hand there is the individual dress code determined by the organizer of the event. All wishes regarding your appearance are then recorded in it. For an appropriate business outfit, on the other hand, there is a clearly defined gradation.

Especially at festivals or public events, however, the degree of formality is added to the clothing etiquette. This is structured as follows in ascending order of severity:

The Dresscode Formal denotes the highest level of formality. That is why it basically implies the reach for the most upscale wardrobe. However, the appropriate garments are subdivided again according to the time of day. Before 6 p.m. you comply with the formal dress code in a different way than later in the evening. Both for women and for men, very specific garments and cuts are prescribed here.

Formal clothing for ladies

If the event takes place before 6 o’clock in the evening, as is the case with weddings, upscale celebrations or business events in public life, ladies will definitely not appear in the classic long evening attire. Knee-length dresses and skirts made of high-quality fabrics and in an emphatically elegant design are the first choice here. Depending on the event, it may also be permitted to appear in a trouser suit.

For very conservative occasions, however, the chic business two-piece suits are unwelcome. In any case, the designs of all garments should do without bows or frills. Make-up, perfume and jewellery are also extremely discreet. Similar to upmarket business clothing, straight-line elegance with a minimalist touch is in demand. Naked legs are absolutely taboo, just like with a superior business outfit. Black fine stockings are also proving difficult. To be on the safe side, you should always wear pantyhose or stockings in your own skin tone.

From 6 o’clock in the evening, ladies wrap themselves in long evening gowns.

Even with strapless dresses, the shoulders must always be covered, for example with a matching jacket or stole. For the evening performance, considerably more jewellery is permitted – provided that they are genuine pieces. The make-up may also be a little more glamorous, but should never be garish.

Only closed pumps are suitable footwear, regardless of the time of day. Basically real leather belongs to good sound. Who wants to avoid this, chooses high-quality and genuine looking artificial leather. Of course, the shoe colour must match the clothing. As far as the classic question of heel height is concerned, clear guidelines also apply: The heels should not be higher than seven centimetres but also not flatter than four centimetres.

Outfit inspiration before 18 o’clock

The basis is a noble knee-length costume, made of high-quality silk, for example. In addition, there is a matching blouse. The best choice is white or a delicate pastel shade, as in the BR692 long-sleeved blouse from Brook Taverner.

Alternatively, you can wear an elegant cocktail dress. Add a silk scarf, a chic jacket or a stole to sleeveless models. The outerwear flows tone-in-tone into the colour of the dress.

In addition, there are skin-coloured pantyhose that do without patterns or decorations.

The pumps harmonize especially with the nuance of the skirt or dress.

The perfect complement is a delicate silk scarf around the neck, a small number of high-quality and simple jewellery, such as a ring plus discreet ear studs and a flawless but inconspicuous make-up.

Outfit inspiration after 18 o’clock

Now a floor-length evening dress is a must. Prefer elegant designs without glitter, tulle and too rich decorations. A silk jacket is the perfect complement to cover the shoulders and thus comply with the dress code formal.

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