Ideas For A Business To Start Right Away (in 2018)


1. Creating websites

There are a lot of people or small companies looking for a freelancer who will make a website for them. Beginning with a simple business card, through a page, blog or a more complex website (e.g. a course platform). At present, even a large number of bloggers prefer to outsource work on a website to an experienced person rather than to waste their time.

2. Creating mobile applications

Currently there is a huge boom for mobile applications. Companies, corporations, startups, publishers, even bloggers – more and more circles are interested in this type of services. Working in a software house every day makes me realize how much work, time, money and talented people need to build from A to Z extended pharmacy. Nevertheless, many people need simple solutions, and this is a great opportunity for freelancers.

3. Creating chat rooms for business purposes

Just as a few years ago websites had to have every company, so nowadays it is necessary to…. chat rooms. I have an impression that ideas for business related to creating chat rooms are still underestimated at the moment, but in the coming years it will be possible to make a really good profit on it. What’s better, the entry threshold is low, because now you can create such a chat on Messenger even without the knowledge of programming.

4. Graphic design, visual identification

Content marketing reigns over the web as a whole, and as a result, we also have a huge demand for content. Especially the visual ones (we know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words!). Ideas for business related to all kinds of graphics work (from logos to visual identification, infographics or content for social media) to the vein of gold, especially as you can also earn money on designing interfaces for mobile applications, websites, etc.

5. Marketing consultations

Advice on social media activities, consulting marketing strategy, product promotion strategy or plan on how to make a particular brand visible in the network. You don’t have to go deep into the water right away. You can start with smaller orders, such as advising freelancers who have no headache for marketing, or bloggers, influences, or startups at an early stage of development.

6. SEO and SEM advice

Many companies are also looking for experts who will be able to help them with SEO or SEM strategies. At a time when Facebook is bringing less and less traffic and cutting ranges, search engine visibility is becoming a priority for many businesses.

7. Support for social media channels

Supporting a fan page, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram or…. a Linkedin profile is a really good business idea that you can start even after hours. Many of these platforms can be automated and there are a lot of people who are looking for help or just want to delegate tasks like this.

8. Create custom texts, copywriting

Just like in item #4, in the era of content marketing there is a huge demand for texts. Many (even the smaller ones!) businesses decide on their own company blog with expert advice. Many portals or larger blogs are looking for editors and ghostwriters. If you have always enjoyed writing and know how to write for the Internet, this idea is for you.

9. Text proofreading

Business ideas related to texts are very popular (as I mentioned in the point above). However, their creation is also followed by proofreading. You don’t have to start immediately with an offer to big companies – a lot of bloggers are looking for this type of services, believe me!

10. Keeping a blog

You can also earn money on blogging. I won’t write about details here, but investing in your own blog will certainly pay off. Not only do you build your image, but you also have a chance to turn this passion into business. Good luck of influencers (even micro ones) is still going on and will certainly not expire for a long time to come.

11. Running a channel on YouTube

This point is somehow linked to the previous point. If writing is not your horse, you can always try your hand at YouTube. To get started, you only need an idea, a camera (camera, not even a DSLR – for example, my Canon is one of the most popular models among YouTubers) and a mounting program. Remember, too, that video and blogging platforms are currently experiencing a real boom. So make the most of this opportunity!

12. Video editing and editing

See item #11 – popularity of the video form on the web (and also in business) is also associated with an increase in demand for people who will undertake the editing and editing of this type of material.

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