How To Look For Cheap Flights?


These are the three main questions from my friends and a large number of e-mails from strangers visiting my blog. I decided to create a mini-guide based on the experience and information I have gained so far. Fruitful hunting!


– We will buy the cheapest air tickets from September to November and from January to the end of May. The period of the highest airfares is holidays (but in this case it’s not the end of the world, details can be found later), Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

– Cheap tickets, especially in the most popular destinations, really do exist and spread in the blink of an eye. So if you are sure where you want to fly, find out what the price is a bargain and as soon as you get a cheap ticket – buy. Air transport takes up the biggest part of our travel budget. Cheap accommodation, local transport, catering is no longer such a challenge as cheap traveling hundreds of kilometers from A to B of our journey.

– If, when searching for a flight on the carrier’s website, we notice that its price has risen in relation to the price during our first search, even a few minutes earlier, i.e. that the search engine wants to draw us. When we enter the carrier’s website and for the first time search for a flight, the price is attractive, but we are not yet determined, then once again we search for the same flight after some time, the search engine remembers our first choice and the price automatically increases, because our interest in a given flight increases, and thus our determination to pay for the flight so that it does not become even more expensive. This is all thanks to cookies, the so-called cookies in our browser. If we delete all browsing history and our cookies, the browser will recognize us as a “new customer” and then the ticket price will be low, encouraging you to acquire a new passenger for your airline.

– The system remembers our search history, especially if we fly regularly in the same direction, e.g. if we live abroad and visit Poland. In order to avoid this it is enough to use Incognito mode in Google Chrome (our cookies will not be remembered) or to restart our Internet modem and in this way we will get a new IP address, i.e. we will become a new customer for a given carrier, who will want to “catch” cheap tickets.

– cheap flights are flights in the middle of the week, the cheapest days of departure/arrival are Tuesday – Thursday. When planning your holiday it is worth taking into account its beginning and end in the middle of the week. When flying cheaply, it is important that we have the flexibility of departure and return dates.

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