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The Fruits / Trees of Our Effort

With tremendous thanks to all of our patrons who donated to our effort to replant the trees of Israel, Gan Asia has broken ground with our "Gan Asia, Gedalya Ben Yakov Halevy" Orchard, with the planting of an initial 100 Olive Trees in the community of Kfar Tikva.

It is the goal that within 5 years this orchard will be producing enough fruit to help continue to sustain the hard working people of Kfar Tikva and will continue to shed light on the State of Israel for generations to come. Of course our efforts have not stopped at 100 when we're a mere 900 trees short of 1000, to learn more and to donate please click here.

Please note: Due to a unique relationship with one of the "Chairs" at Kfar Tikva we have been gauranteed that 100% of the money coming from Gan Asia goes directly to the planting of trees, there are no administrative costs removed from our donations.


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